Abra Brisbin ~ Graduate Student (Co-Advised by Dr. Carlos Bustamante) Ph.D. (June 2010) Abra is a postdoctoral research fellow in Dr. Brooke Fridley's group at the Mayo Clinic

Current: 101 Civic Center Dr NE #218
Rochester, MN 55906

Email: brisbin dot abra at mayo dot edu

Research Interests:
My primary research focus is pedigree-based methods of mapping categorical traits. I am also interested in other aspects of quantitative and population genetics, including simulation techniques, inference from Markov chain Monte Carlo, and methods of accounting for multiple levels of relatedness in samples for trait mapping.

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Graduate Field and Fellowships:
  • Applied Mathematics

  • Brisbin A., Weissman M., Fyer A., Hamilton S., Knowles J., Bustamante C., Mezey J. 2010. Bayesian linkage analysis of categorical traits for arbitrary pedigree designs. Link
  • Brisbin A., Cruickshank J., Moise N., Gunn T., Milano A., Bustamante C., Mezey J. 2011. Fast, exact linkage analysis for categorical trais on arbitrary pedigree designs. Link