Chuan Gao ~ Graduate Student

101 Biotechnology Building
Ithaca, NY 14853

Email: cg253 at cornell dot edu

Research Interests:
My interests lie where medical and statistical science meet, in particular, identification of eQTL and disease loci using genome wide association approaches. I am currently working on a Genome Wide Association study of gene expression variation in human lung cells, with an emphasis on understanding Genetic by Environmental interactions, specifically those produced by smoking. I am also interested in development of computationally intensive statistical approaches and multivariate statistical approaches with applications in quantitative genomics.

Graduate Field and Fellowships:
  • Computational Biology
  • Cornell Provost Award Fellowship

  • Gao C., O’Connor T., Hackett N., Butler M., Salit J., Clark A., Crystal R., Mezey J. 2010. Genotype-Smoking Environment Interactions affecting eQTL in the Human Lung. submitted, in revision.