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Photo of Warren Zipfel

Dr. Warren R. Zipfel,
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering.
B41 Weill Hall
Office 607-255-0663
Cell: 607-227-7269

Photo of Rebecca Williams

Dr. Rebecca M. Williams,
Research Scientist and BRC Imaging Facility Director
Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering
B35 Weill Hall
Office 607-255-4610

Graduate Students:

Photo of Thomas Ciavatti

Thomas Ciavatti
Biomedical Engineering
B37 Weill Hall

Photo of Jack Crowley

Jack Crowley
Applied and Engineering Physics
B37 Weill Hall

Max Kushner
Graduate Field of Biophysics
B33 Weill Hall

Thomas Roberts
Chemical and Biological Engineering
B33 Weill Hall

Undergraduate Researchers:

Katie Barajas
Applied and Engineering Physics
B37 Weill Hall

Angelina Huang
Biomedical Engineering
B37 Weill Hall

Other folks you'll see around the lab area(BRC Imaging Facility staff):

Dr. Johanna M. Dela Cruz
Manager, Microscopy and Intravital Imaging
BRC Imaging Facility
B31 Weill Hall

Dr. Teresa Porri
CT Manager
BRC Imaging Facility
B31 Weill Hall

Tina Abratte
Intravital Imaging
BRC Imaging Facility
B36A Weill Hall



Group Alumni


Alex Van Slyke (current:Medical Physics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)

Juan Wang (current: Data Scientist at Earnin, San Jose CA)

Mitch Pender (current: Commercial Technology Manager , Corning Life Sciences)

Avtar Singh (current: Postdoctoral Researcher at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge MA)

Julian Palacios Goerger (current: Software Engineer at Sturdy Corporation, Wilmington, North Carolina)

Sarah Shelby (current: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Michigan)

Jesse McMullen-Crummey (current: Research Scientist at IMAX, Toronto, Canada)

Bethsabe Romano (current: Medical School CA)

Evan Spiegel


Rohan Roy (current: MD-PhD student - Weill Cornell Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program)

Gavrielle Untracht (current: PhD student at )

Sri nivas Chandrasekaran (current:PhD student at Univ Oslo )

Angi Ghanem (current: PhD Student at Koc University)

Jesse Rorabaugh(current: Senior Engineer at Southern California Edison Company)


Alexa Gail Calico (BME)
Ananya Subramaniam (BEE)
Rohan Roy
Nitya Deshmukh (BEE)
Eli Doris (AEP)
Brian Lee (ECE)
Samantha Zambuto (BEE)
Maria Sirenko (BEE)
Mona Yuan (BEE)
Alison Ricardo (BEE)
Maria Isabel Carvajal (BEE)
Andrew Dorion (Biology)
Reinaldo Hernandez (BEE) Sanju Vardhan (CBE)
Rohan Roy (BEE)
Nitya Deshmukh (BEE)
Alexander Song (AEP)
Han Gao (AEP)
Vinh Le (BEE)
Kristin Edgerton (CBE)
Taha Ahmad (BEE)
Kristine Chin (high school student – summer)
Jennifer Zhang (CBE)
Maxim Bogorad (AEP)
Anna Dadhania (BEE)
Sean Lawless(NBB)
Stephen Perry (AEP)
Thomas Dimiduk (AEP)
Lindsey Fortin (BEE)
Joshua Sterling (BEE)
Anne Smith (BEE)
Adrian Ng (AEP)
Cecilia Chen (ECE)

Lab Technicans (DRBIO center):

Tae Cooke, hardware/firmware technician
Lisa Toth, hardware/firmware technician
Paul Lee, software developer
Pam Gordiner, cell biology lab technician


- Biomedical Engineering
- Field of Biophysics
- Applied & Eng. Physics
- College of Engineering
- Cornell University