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Fluorescence Photon Burst Analyzer

Using this software tool, stored photon count data can be analyzed to locate large bursts of photons and to quantify the size (photons per bursts), width and interval between bursts, and perform segmented FCS and FCCS (auto- and cross-correlation between located bursts in the data stream. Originally developed for DNA fragment analysis in nanochannels (Foquet et al. 2002), this software has been upgraded for use in our in vivo and in vitro protein aggregation studies.




Scanning and Acquisition Software - requires specialized hardware (see hardware section)

A control and image acquisition software for laser scanning microscope systems. Written in C and C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio 2015) this software

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Foquet, M., J. Korlach, W. Zipfel, W. W. Webb and H. G. Craighead (2002). "DNA fragment sizing by single molecule detection in submicrometer-sized closed fluidic channels." Analytical Chemistry 74(6): 1415-1422. (PMCIDISI:000174414900030)



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